2022 Montrose Harbor Preview

December 1, 2022
  • Spidermonkey and Half Acre cycling clubs are excited to bring Montrose Harbor/Beach back! Please read the info below for some important notes. #MontroseCX
  • Preliminary staging will be posted here on Saturday morning. We want everyone to be staged correctly, so please, please, please for the love of all that is good and green check your staging Saturday morning. We can make corrections at that time but it is highly, highly unlikely we’ll be able to do so on Sunday. Thanks!
  • Since this is the Midwest Regional Championship AND CCC finale, podiums are a little more complicated than usual. Please help the best announcer a race series could ask for and if you are top three in the race or the overall, report to the podium ASAP following your race.
  • The weather looks great with a 30% of awesomeness, but as always, the wind coming off the lake is no joke; please make sure to secure your tents and spheres.
  • Here’s your friendly reminder that this is a city park where people who might have no idea what cyclocross is WILL be wandering through on their usual Sunday strolls (the lakefront path now cuts through the course). Yes, we’ll be celebrating the return of cyclocross with drinks** and food and more dranks**, but please be on your best behavior and show the city what a classy bunch we are.
  • ** And now let us pause for the annual message from the fun police … it’s Chicago Park District property and alcohol is not allowed. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
  • There will be THREE food truck options this year with Firecake Donuts arriving at 07:00 with donuts/coffee, and Aztec Daves tacos and Gilty Pig coming for lunch, so come hungry.
  • Big thanks to our generous sponsors for helping make the Ald. James Cappleman Midwest Regional CX Championship presented by Specialized Chicago possible:
  • Speaking of Specialized Chicago, pre-reg riders can head to the Fulton Street location on Saturday from noon to 4:00 p.m. to get your bib number early. Pin your number from the comfort of your own home! While there, you can pick-up the event poster you already ordered on BikeReg when you registered early. If you didn’t, there might still be some available for purchase at either Specialized location or at series sponsor Tailwind Cycles.
  • Simonds Drive is closed to thru-traffic and parking within the barricades is restricted to officials, food trucks, sponsors, porta-potties, and the like. Regular parking will be along Simonds Drive and Montrose Drive either to the north or south, entering and exiting the way you came in.
  • Per the Park District, NO PARKING ON THE GRASS OR PATHS, ANYWHERE! We cannot emphasize this point enough and yet still had vehicles break this rule in the past. Please adhere to marshals regarding your vehicle parking and movements.
  • Speaking of, a few parking spaces within the barricades (near the finish) are available with a donation on BikeReg to help defray the overall event costs. Entry for this is from the NORTH END of Simonds drive — check in with the nice volunteers and show your receipt. (If you have a trailer please count that as a second space).
  • Teams are welcome to drop off equipment at the turn-around on the south-end of Simonds Drive near the staging grid. The driver must remain with the vehicle to expedite unloading and keep traffic flowing, just like at the airport. It’s usually a high-volume operation with everyone coming at the same time so help your teammates.
  • Speaking of team tent placement, all are welcome, nay encouraged, to drop/place tents and other large items on Saturday afternoon! There is hired security for overnight watch (though of course SMC, USAC, CPD, et al. cannot take responsibility for what the weather/acts of gods could do to items left overnight, so make sure it’s secured/laid down/tied down). And hey, stick around to lend a helping hand with course setup.
  • Speaking of helping hands, Spidermonkey could use a few more hands during the race on Sunday for course marshaling spots required of the new course design and lakefront path interaction. Volunteers get free coffee & lunch! Check the sign-up sheet.
  • We understand the desire to pre-ride, especially with so many CCC’ers living nearby. However, we kindly request you DO NOT RIDE the course this week, especially during setup on Saturday, to enable course construction AND to keep it in nice condition for game day. Again, please drop the bike and pick up some course stakes and tape to help — it takes a village!
  • Onto the course: We had such great feedback on the course in 2019 we are sticking (mostly) to that same design, featuring the start on pavement. Bonus, the city repaved the road! However, that includes new six-inch curbs, so we will have a ramp transition after the first turn. All this is to say, please stay friendly on the starts, remembering that you can’t win the race there, buy you can surely lose it. Same expanded pit with neutral support provided by Jose from NRS & Events!
  • We can’t wait to see everyone and close out the CX season in style on the lake front in our namesake city. See you all on Sunday!  

CCC Tuesday Updates – 20221129

November 29, 2022
  • We hope everyone had a nice and relaxing Thanksgiving with family and friends.
  • We’re not done yet though. The final race of the 2022 Chicago Cyclocross Cup, the Ald. James Cappleman Montrose Beach CX/Midwest Regional p/b Specialized Chicago will be held this coming Sunday 12/6/2022 at Montrose Harbor, hosted by Spidermonkey Cycling and Half Acre Cycling. Full course preview will be posted on Thursday morning.
  • Please pre-reg on here.
  • This year Montrose will also be the MidWest Regional CX Championships, so expect a bunch of riders from not-Illinois. #OPEcx
  • And finally, if you haven’t already blown your entire paycheck on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, whatever Sunday is these days, and Cyber Monday… remember today is Giving Tuesday. There are great local programs such as Blackstone Bicycle Works, West Town Bikes, and World Bicycle Relief that can always use our help, so please considering donating, helping, mentoring, or just sending a few dollars their way. Thanks!

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CCC Tuesday Updates – 20221122

November 22, 2022
  • The final race of the Chicago Cyclocross Cup at Montrose Beach, the Ald. James Cappleman Midwest Regional p/b Specialized Chicago, is fast approaching, and the organizers Spidermonkey Cycling and Half Acre Cycling have a few early notes to munch on along with your turkey.
  • Get a limited edition race poster designed by Half Acre Cycling’s own Matt Maniscalco. Purchase early at either Specialized Chicago retail location, series sponsor Tailwind Cycles, or when you register EARLY on BikeReg — and avoid getting it muddy when you pick-up your bib number EARLY on Saturday, December 3 at Specialized Fulton Street. Any remaining posters will be available at registration. 
  • Also remember our friends to the east are holding Region Riot CX this coming Sunday; a great way to make sure your legs are ready to battle for midwest bragging rights! #OPEcx
  • And finally… we here at the CCC wish everyone a fantastic and restful Happy Thanksgiving. Fuel up, the season isn’t quite over yet!

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2022 Wheeling CX Preview

November 10, 2022
  • #wheelingCX
  • Gravel may be having a moment, but there’s still lots of life left in that grass. Cyclocross racing returns to Heritage Park cohosted by the Sasquatch Squadron powered by Main Street Bicycles and the Northbrook Garner Bicycle Club.
  • Preliminary Staging will be posted here on Saturday. Please double check and email us if you see any errors.
  • Got Health? Wheeling Park District is hosting a free Health Fair in the Community Center from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. Check out the presentations, class demos (I see Spin), activities for kids’, screenings, and more. There may also be giveaways (more cowbell?); plus it’s heated. Public rest rooms with hot showers are also available. Get on their mailing list too: Cultural events, 5ks, free concerts, family activities, kids’ triathlons, beer tastings, etc. The fun happens year round, not just on race day.
  • Pre-registration closes at 10:00 pm Friday. Race day entries will be available only through BikeReg for an additional $10 upcharge. Registration closes 30 minutes before the scheduled race time.
  • Please park in the North Parking lot east of the course and not the angled parking lot adjacent to the Community Center.
  • Mario’s Cart will be back on course serving tacos, nachos, and burrito bowls with a choice of protein.
  • Lots of open grass and paved pathway for warming up, but as always, be mindful of pedestrians and other patrons of the park. Please refrain from riding and setting up tent in the pavilion grass.
  • Staging is in the northeast corner nearest the North Parking lot access road. The finish line and registration are to the south of staging. The two-way pit is just east of the aquatic center. The course has 10-inch-high double barriers in the first half-mile. After dipping around the pool, a short stretch of pavement leads to higher ground.
  • shortened course will be utilized for the Junior 9-14 race at 11:25 am. The course will be directed back to the finish area before cresting Heritage hill on the southwest side of the course.

2022 Groundhog Psi-clocross Preview

November 3, 2022

Phil : Do you ever have déjà vu, Mrs. Lancaster?
Mrs. Lancaster : I don’t think so, but I could check with the kitchen.

Why is this race called Groundhog PSI-clocross? Well, in 1992 the downtown square of Woodstock, IL was used to film the movie Groundhog Day. Rob Curtis and the PSIMET crew have carried some parts of the movie into the venue.

  • Remember to use #psiCX on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Registration closes Friday at 10pm. There will be day of registration available at a higher price but only through BikeReg.
  • Preliminary Staging will be posted here on Saturday.
  • State Championships: This event is the 2022 Illinois State Cyclocross Championships. State Championships will be awarded to categories and participants as outlined on the flyer.
    • There must be 3 Illinois residents in a race for a championship to be awarded.
    • There will be the following podiums – One for the race. One for the CCC standings. One for the State Championship being awarded. Quick math reveals that could be as many as 18 podiums for the junior 9-14 race alone so while Kenny is a master at doing podiums please be patient and understanding.
    • State Champion podiums will include medals for 1-3 place. A Championship jersey will be presented. If there is no longer a jersey available in the correct size for the winner they have the option of taking a jersey that is available or they will get a link to allow them to purchase one directly from Pactimo. There are plenty of jerseys available but we no longer have all sizes available.
    • JUNIORS – The 3 COMPETITORS RULE is SUSPENDED for Junior competition only. Junior Championships are awarded in 2 gender divisions in the following age categories: 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, 17-18 meaning there are 10 possible junior champion positions available.
    • Women Cat 4 State Champions will be awarded from the Women Cat 3/4 Race. Men Cat 4 State Champions will be awarded from the Men Cat 4 race. There are no State Champ jerseys awarded to novice (i.e. Cat 5) categories, meaning there are no jerseys awarded in the Men Cat 5 and Women Cat 4/5 races.
    • Have questions on State Champ categories/awards? Contact the race director or us and we’d be happy to clarify details for you.
  • Remember that Daylight Savings ends the morning of the race so be sure you have the right time!
  • There is plenty of parking throughout the park. As with all previous years there is NO PARKING ON THE GRASS. This is the strictest rule the park and city have for the facility. This also means no vehicles on the grass to drop off gear early in the morning <looks at masters teams>. We say this every year and yet it still ends up being a problem at some point in the day. No cars on grass anywhere for any length of time.
  • If you enter from either of the Park’s North entrances (Kishwaukee Valley Rd or Jackson St) then you can drive right up to the “tent city” field and drop off gear.
  • This park has “always” had a “no alcohol” policy. So when you bring in cups for your soda and lemonade PSIMET asks that you pack out what you bring in. It helps PSIMET make sure the park doesn’t think we’re a drinking series with a cycling problem if there aren’t a lot of juice boxes laying around.
  • FoodPerk and Pickle Food Truck will be on site all day long serving breakfast, lunch and an early dinner if needed. Serving hours will be from 8am-5pm. The menu for race day is available on their site now –
  • Equipment Pits will be single width and will not use the orange fencing this year. There will NOT be any water or washing facilities at the race though, so if conditions look to be getting worse please plan your own support accordingly. There are a couple of water spigots around the park that may or may not be in service.
  • There won’t be much if any daylight left after the last race ends, so please plan accordingly. Also if you can, please help PSIMET tear down the course so they aren’t doing it all in the dark.
  • There is an informal Car Show that we are hosting on site like we did last year. If you bring a notable car for display (classic, antique, etc.) we will have an area for you to park at the top of the hill near the food truck. You will also receive a free food truck meal voucher from the PSIMET coordinator.
  • As another reminder, if you are pre-riding while anyone is finishing up, please make sure you are NOT inadvertently riding in front of people still racing. Just ride slowly behind them and offer words of encouragement or ring a cowbell. Thanks!
  • If you’re interested in looking over the filming locations for the movie there is a great map for self-guided tours here:
  • The Course: A collection of no less than half a dozen pinwheels/toilet bowls Roughly the same course as last year with a few small modifications.

2022 Campton CX Preview

October 27, 2022
  • Anderson Park in Campton Township (5N180 Brown Rd, Campton Hills, IL 60175). Need directions? From I-90: Randall Road South, to Rt. 64 West, past LaFox Road, turn right onto Brown Road and park is on your left. There are other Anderson Parks in the Chicagoland area, so please go to the correct one. The map on BikeReg is correct.
  • Another Costume Contest! Prizes will be awarded to the winners by the Campton event organizers. Kenny is in charge of the inaugural Thriller dance competition at 2:22pm, so listen for his decrees.
  • Remember pre-reg on BikeReg closes Friday night.
  • Preliminary staging will be posted here on Saturday. We’re moving to USAC’s new rider database, so please make sure you double check your preliminary staging.
  • Sorry, but NO alcoholic beverages are allowed in the park.
  • Please do NOT warm up on/around the soccer fields to the East of registration. The village has asked us to keep off the areas visible when you pull into the park. If you carefully ride North on Brown Rd for about 200 meters you can hop onto the Great Western trail, which is a great place to warm up. Thank you.
  • There is plenty of parking on site. Please do not ride or drive on the grass surrounding the course.
  • The Course: Will likely be a little different this year. Check out this animation.

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2022 ABD Sunrise Park Preview

October 20, 2022
  • Athletes By Design (ABD) host stop number three of the 2022 CCC at Sunrise Park in Barlett, IL.
  • Preliminary staging will be posted here on Saturday morning. Let us know if you spot any errors. Thanks!
  • If you have recently upgraded and want 1/2 your CCC series points to follow you to the next category, please contact us at ChicagoCrossCup at gmail by Saturday. We will NOT automatically transfer your points. See the rules/FAQ page here.
  • Parking on Foster Ave is allowed but on NORTH side only. There should be “No Parking” signs along the park (south) side. If not, please respect this. Also Parking is allowed on Struckman Blvd (better option), or at Sycamore Trails School (preferred).
  • PLEASE no parking on grass.
  • Mexican food truck will be on site.
  • Teams can drop tents by using the bike path off Struckman Blvd. Enter the park but then you must park outside the park. Please, thanks!
  • No alcohol.  Sorry Park rules.
  • Single Speed Women will start AFTER the Single Speed Men.
  • And finally… we all like to have a good time on these Sundays in Autumn, but remember the CCC is a series of bicycle races, and it is not a collection of drinking contests or B Movie frat parties. Our USAC officials don’t roam around the venue trying to be the fun police, so please don’t ride across the finish line with an always recording video camera with a red solo cup in your hand giving them any reasons to suspend your license to race. K, thanks, see you all on Sunday!

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2022 Glenwood Academy Preview

October 13, 2022
  • The South Chicago Wheelmen host stop number two of the 2022 CCC at Glenwood Academy CX in Glenwood, IL.
  • On the South side of the city, set your GPS to 500 W 187th Street Glenwood, IL 60425. Then please drive slowly through the campus to the parking area. This is an active school with children, so please drive carefully.
  • The SCW usually have some sort of raffle to raise money for the academy, so look for that onsite.
  • Single Speed Women will again start with the Single Speed Men.
  • Look for preliminary staging to be posted here some time on Saturday. Remember the first row is by CCC Series Points, then everyone else is by points. Let us know if you spot any errors. Thanks!
  • And finally… its getting chilly. Please remember to bring and wear clothes for before AND after your race to stay nice and warm and toasty. See you all on Sunday!

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CCC Tuesday Updates – 20221004

October 4, 2022
  • Hey everyone, thanks for coming out and racing on Sunday with us at Schiller Park hosted by xXx Racing! We had a great time and we hope you all did too!
  • Full USAC Results are online here.
  • We’ll have Overall Series standings updated here soon, with Women Cat 4 and Masters 65+ standings broken out separately. We’ll also separate out Masters 35+ Cat 4/5, Masters 55+ Cat 4/5, Masters 45+ Cat 4/5, & Women Masters 35+ Cat 4/5 broken out for fun.
  • Next up, the CCC takes a the weekend off, but we’ll be back in action in 2 week on Sunday 10/16 at Glenwood Academy CX.
  • Just a friendly reminder to renew your USAC annual license. There were a LOT of riders who had not renewed by Saturday before Schiller Woods. You must race in your USAC category and once you’re a Cat 4 you cannot downgrade to a Cat 5.
  • If you are racing more than one category, make sure to pick up both/all of your bib numbers and wear the correct number in each race. You’ll get new numbers at each event throughout the season.
  • Please, please, please pin your bib number on the SIDE of your jersey, specifically the LEFT side. Not your back, not your head, not your right side. We saw all three and then some this past Sunday (okay not on anyone’s head). Start by aligning the bottom of the number to the middle of the side panel of your jersey. Our scoring/timing pro Nikki and our USAC officials are really, really good at reading literally thousands of numbers flying by the finish line all day, but let’s help them out and make it easier on everyone and also guarantee more accurate and quicker results for everyone. Thanks!
  • The image below is from Sunday and what the finish-line camera sees. It should be very clear who pinned their number well and who didn’t. Numbers 74, 85, and 91 are perfect. The others could be better.
  • And finally… good luck to everyone heading up to Wisconsin this coming weekend for the Trek CX Cup!

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2022 Schiller Woods Preview

September 29, 2022
  • Here we go, the first of 7 events in the 2022 Chicago Cyclocross Cup. Please excuse any hiccups as we clear out the cobwebs and get back to business from 2019.
  • Did you hear the event is in SCHILLER WOODS Picnic Grove #12? Do NOT go to Caldwell Woods, or you’ll be late to your race!
  • We know its been chilly recently, but please plan on bringing as much water as you think you’ll need for the day… and then some. Though there are water pumps available in the park, they are not especially close or convenient to the course… although the course is across the street from a water pump famous enough to have a it’s very own wikipedia page. Drink at your own risk before racing!
  • Similarly – please plan to bringing enough food (and beer) to last through the day, as there will NOT be a food truck on premises. The Forest Preserve also requests (demands) that no alcohol is consumed within 50 feet of the parking lot. So bring your long tape measures.
  • For anyone looking to register same-day… don’t. Please pre-reg on Thanks to everyone who has done so already! If for some reason you can’t find a working Internet connection to BikeReg… please bring exact change to the venue or be prepared to pay electronically via PayPal/Zelle to
  • Bonus reminder, only those pre-reg’d on BikeReg will be staged by their points.
  • At the request of the ladies for more competition, the front row of the Single Speed race will be split half & half women and men.
  • And finally… as this is a new venue for everyone, the finer details of course route, length, etc. are still being ironed out. Just point your Garmin, TomTom, GoogleMaps, dowsing rods, etc. to Schiller Woods Picnic Grove #12 Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL 60634 and listen for Kenny’s voice when you get close.
  • Let’s race hard and have fun!

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